Thriving and productive selling

Sales Effectiveness Training for Staffing Suppliers

Jeannine Parise, CEO, ClubVMSA + Sales Coach


Are you struggling to get on a new contract?

Are you finding it difficult to connect with the decision maker on a new program?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a sales process that people can easily implement and follow?

This program is FABulous!… Review the Features, Advantages and Benefits


PROGRAM Features  

  • 26 pre-recorded video sessions for Staffing Salespeople

  • Weekly quizzes ensure program absorption and adherence

  • Forms, templates, charts, processes, slide decks, tools

  • Tailored for MSP/VMS business model

  • Covers lifecycle of sales including marketing & social media

  • No per seat fees - one price for entire company

Kind words from an UBER-successful Entrepreneur + Philanthropist

When we entered the MSP/VMS staffing space several years ago, we realized that both from a sales and delivery perspective it was a much different process than the direct-contact “retail” staffing business we knew.  We sought an expert who had a proven track record and a strong methodology... and that is Jeannine.  She helped redefine our sales approach, how to effectively respond to RFPs, implemented a 7-Touch methodology on “Follow up” and defined how to manage and keep our sales team accountable.  Many years later we are still using her methodology because it works!  Jeannine’s training coupled with our business’s value proposition was a game changer for our organization.   If you are looking to accelerate your MSP/VMS Staffing business I would absolutely recommend implementing her system.
— Ashish Kaushal, CEO, HireTalent and Co-Founder Consciously Unbiased

Hear from the head of supplier relations for workforcelogiq

I first met Jeannine in 2004 when I managed supplier relations for WorkforceLogic. We added Jeannine’s company to one program in order to evaluate performance. That one program quickly grew into 8 and Jeannine’s staffing company was named a WorkforceLogic Premiere Partner and was an integral member of our Supplier Advisory Council. As VP, Supplier Relations for WorkforceLogiq I consider Jeannine a trusted advisor and encourage suppliers to participate in all programs and services Jeannine provides.”
— Karen Maarouf, VP, Supplier Relations, WorkforceLogiq


  • Accessible anytime

  • Portable on any device - desktop or mobile

  • Learn from anywhere - at your desk or in bed

  • One-time charge plus annual maintenance fee

  • Use it for 1 or 100+ employees

  • Stop re-inventing the wheel

  • Industry-specific from someone who knows - not generic

PROGRAM benefits. Learn how to…

DSC07473 (1).jpg
  • Properly forecast sales and close new contracts

  • Create, fill and manage a pipeline

  • Train salespeople with ease

  • Identify and qualify clients better

  • Create and manage a sales calendar

  • Properly prep for and follow up from a conference

  • Stop annoying people with mass emails... write more professional content and messaging

  • Cultivate new prospects and clients from scratch

  • Optimize existing business and referrals

  • Attract sales by becoming a trusted advisor and the “safe person” in the room

  • Successfully and calmly handle objections

  • Negotiate by making the pie bigger

From a Student-turned-Entrepreneur’s perspective

Gianne 2.jpg
Jeannine is an industry leader and the true definition of a trusted advisor. I am hoping she writes a book one day! Jeannine challenges and teaches you to be the best you that you can be which benefits everyone...yourself, your company and your clients. Jeannine is skilled in taking sales people to the next level. Her expertise and guidance can and will greatly increase your bottomline within a few months. I am very grateful to have Jeannine as a mentor.
— Gianne Doherty, Creative Director at the WELL Summit
“We designed this program so that you can succeed in the competitive MSP/VMS marketplace. Selling to MSP/VMS programs requires a different mindset, a faster pace and an enhanced skillset. Content is practical, pragmatic and can quickly be put to use. “
— Jeannine Parise, CEO and Sales Trainer, Thriving & Productive Selling

About the instructor

Jeannine Parise is a top-selling CEO of one of the most successful staffing firms ever to service the high-volume/MSP talent space. In 5 short years, she grew her company to become an “INC 500” Fastest-growing company and a top tier platinum supplier at every MSP she serviced.  A sales leader with a BS degree from the University of Notre Dame, Jeannine cut her teeth on global projects as a consultant for EY. She now runs a global event and conference business which connects the entire Contingent Workforce ecosystem from Enterprise Buyers to Suppliers.

Jeannine knows how to prospect, qualify and win business, and she’s willing to share her best practices, techniques, processes and secrets with you.  Become a “Mega Million” dollar seller where every one of your deals generates in excess of a million dollars in sales to your company.  Join Jeannine for “Thriving & Productive Selling” training.

When she is not selling to the global talent ecosystem, Jeannine is fiercely negotiating with her 4 kids under 9 in Greenwich Village, NYC.


TPS one-time Access fee for entire company: $14,997.

  • ClubVMSA Members receive a 20% discount. Join the Club.

  • Enjoy our 30-day Money-back guarantee.

  • Includes Videos, PPTs, and Quizzes for 26 Lessons (Each lesson is 45 minutes) plus sales tools and templates

  • Pay $499/year after year one to have 24x7 access to videos, slides, templates and tools for anyone in your company to access.

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