Thriving and productive selling

Sales Training for High Volume, High Quality Staffing Companies


  1. Mindset

  2. Trusted Advisor

  3. Working the Room

  4. The First Touch Post Conference

  5. Establishing Good PR (Phone Relationships)

  6. Positioning Statements

  7. The Email Touch

  8. Qualifying the Prospect Part 1

  9. Qualifying the Prospect Part 2

  10. Trusted Advisor on the Phone

  11. Trusted Advisor in Email: Do Me this Favor

  12. Handling Objections

  13. Sales Roles & Compensation

  14. Cross Selling (Client + MSP)

  15. Your Daily Routine is your Greatest Asset

  16. Setting Expectations: Undersell and Overdeliver

  17. Value Proposition

  18. The Elevator Pitch

  19. The Presentation: Elevate your Status

  20. The Presentation: The Perfect Pitch

  21. Emails that get Opened

  22. Finding & Nurturing Leads using Social Media

  23. Terms & Contracts in your Favor w/ Mark Zisholtz, Attorney

  24. Post Sales Implementation & Service

  25. Account Development

  26. Recovery & Recap

“We designed this program so that you can succeed in the competitive MSP/VMS marketplace. Selling to MSP/VMS programs requires a different mindset, a faster pace and an enhanced skillset. Content is practical, pragmatic and can quickly be put to use. “
— Jeannine Parise, CEO and Sales Trainer, Thriving & Productive Selling